The foundations for a flourishing family are cohesion around values, clear communication, and trust. Through intentional conversations, families first articulate priorities and values. Then through intentional planning, they become empowered with personalized, impactful governance and education solutions aligned to life stages and purpose. Focusing on governance & education enables families to build cohesion, successfully progress from generation to generation, and realize their unique potential as a family and individuals.

Family Governance & Education services include:


Family Governance

  • Family Vision, Mission
  • Family Strategic Planning & Risk Assessment
  • Family Cohesion
  • Family Decision Making

Family Education  (Group or Individual)

  • Education Strategy & Planning
  • Development of Customized Group or Individual Educational Plans
  • Individual Assessments
  • Individual Coaching
  • Trustee and Beneficiary Development
  • Succession Readiness
  • Next Generation Skill Development
  • Next Generation Engagement
  • Security

Family Meetings

  • Planning and Engagement
  • Agenda Development
  • Family Meeting Presentations