About Us

Protecting Wealth. Empowering Families. 

Eighty percent of beneficiaries see their inherited financial assets as a burden.

Only thirty percent of third-generation family members successfully hand on any wealth.

Your family deserves better.

Our services can empower you to leave a gift of love as a legacy for the next generation. 

We partner with families to develop their individual family members, their activities, and their financial assets, so that they can flourish across generations.

Our Mission

We enable families to flourish by providing professional services and infrastructure to support Family Enterprises.

We provide our team with advancement opportunities to fulfill their unique abilities and achieve their personal financial goals.

We generate a superior rate of return for value delivered.


Client Experience 

"We exist to elevate and professionalize the Family Wealth Industry one family at a time."—Matthew Grupp, President & CEO  

Every member of Grupp Organization LLC strives to mark every interaction with judgement, courtesy, and diligence.

Judgement—We use our expertise to protect and build your family’s wealth

Courtesy—We treat clients and 3rd parties with respect and act with a servant’s heart.

Diligence—We place your family’s flourishing as our highest priority.

Our History

In 1997 Matthew Grupp started his career as a tax attorney in the Los Angeles and then San Francisco offices of Deloitte with a focus on Mergers & Acquisitions for many private equity and Fortune 100 clients. Later, in 2005 Matthew established a trust and estate practice in Idaho with the singular intent to put families first and to help families flourish. Behind the practice at Grupp Organization were the values that have not changed since: providing full transparency, doing what is best for the family and individual, and upholding integrity in all processes and actions. As the team at Grupp Organization earned their clients' trust through exceptional client experiences, families began asking for broader services. Consequently, Grupp Organization evolved to emphasize trust structures. The leadership team recognized the important strategic role of Wyoming in the formation of Private Family Trust Companies and trusts, and moved the Organization to Jackson, Wyoming. Grupp Organization has now evolved into a full service organization that also provides outsource options for high net worth and ultra high net worth families  while keeping its focus on helping families flourish.


Affiliated Companies

Grupp Law Firm

The Grupp Law Firm LLC promotes flourishing families with estate plans, asset protection, and trustee services. Its practice serves ultra-affluent families who need sophisticated planning, often including Wyoming private family trust companies.  Drawing upon decades of experience, The Grupp Law Firm delivers legal solutions that protect the wealth of enterprising families in order to build a multi-generational legacy. Click here for more information.